1933 Introduction- Located at Shajing Road, Hongkou District, 1933 is an outstanding historical building in Shanghai and has transformed itself into a cultural and creative epicenter and a national industrial tourism demonstration site.
The whole project consists of 5 separate buildings, with a total area of 32,500 square meters. A sculptural cattle path, air bridges, flowing columns with floral patterns and spiral ladders all combine to create an inspirational atmosphere, a perfect space for creative work and creative activities.
So far, 1933 has successfully held the Ferrari F1 party, Rado 50th anniversary, My Blueberry Nights Premier in Asia, ZsaZsaZsu new product launch party. It’s also the choice for Adidas’ first big party in 2008, Coca Cola new product release, Mercedes-Benz new car launch, Porsche 60th anniversary, NIKE Sky Tournament, Allianz 2009 Top Sales Award Celebration and many more.
It is ideally located close to 2 rail transit lines, connecting the city’s main roads and is only 1km from the Shanghai luxury cruise terminal and the Hyatt on the Bund.
With these events from a unique perspective, 1933 wishes to pass on a brand new concept: A top destination for diversified lifestyle, trend-setting fashion and creative life.
It is run by Axons Concepts Limited an expert in real estate operation and management that boasts a highly professional, mature and innovative management team. The Company also owns two subordinated companies, namely Shanghai Bueno Limited and Hinita Food & Beverage Limited.

Business scope: Venue leasing, office leasing, event arrangement
For more information, please call 6888 1933 / 400 888 1933
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